tips for a perfect first kiss

Romance encompasses a lot of things including good talks, smiles and kissing, Giving your girl the perfect first kiss requires understanding what a good kisser is. As kissing is part of romance and is a physical way of showing love to your partner there are words which help set the tone for this emotional touch of the lips. This creates the right feeling when it is done perfectly and therein lays the sparks which is often propounded to happen when a good kiss happens.

tips for a perfect first kiss

Below you will find smart tips that will help you to kiss a girl at the right moment and do the simple excellent things that can make your kiss alive and full of pleasure.
Be alone

Be alone

first on our list of tips for a perfect first kiss involves creating the best environment, you must alone. To make a lasting impression especially on a first kiss make sure you are alone with your girl, just the both of you looking into each other’s eyes and feeling each other in the same zone.

The essence of being alone together is to keep every form of distraction away so that you two can focus on each other totally and be lost in your own worlds. This helps create the magic which is necessary to make a lasting impression after a kiss.

Compliment her

Making her smile with the words you say about her is key to creating a perfect first kiss. Complimenting her with words of how pretty she always look, and how her voice sounds to you like a soft song and how she walks with her slender legs and looks like an angel will definitely throw her off the planet making her face swell so red, setting this part up makes it easier to go in for the kiss because she feels more elated and excited and will accept the mouth complimenting her beauty.

Look straight into her eyes

last but the least on tips for a perfect first kiss regards eye contact. When preparing for a kiss look straight into your girls eyes, let her know you are feeling her and in that mood to take her in.

Going in for an abrupt kiss when she’s not yet fully your girl can be a turn off for some girls so timing is of utmost importance when planting that first kiss on your lady. Lean forward gently look deep into her eyes as if you are about to get lost in there and move your face closer to hers, let her feel your exhale on her a little not too much and then kiss her lips, as much as possible try to get her down lip in between your lips and kiss her gently. She would never forget such a kiss.

Using these simple tricks, you can make a lasting memory on your lady after giving her a kiss she would never forget. This definitely would leave her thinking of you always and wondering about the kiss, touching her lips sometimes and smiling.

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