how to seduce a man

Knowing what a guy wants and how seduce a man, making him get turned on is a vital skill for a lady who wants to keep her man to just herself or one who wants to attract men to her always.

Even the Queen Cleopatra herself was a master of seduction getting and this dexterity got her so far in the royals’ court making her one the strongest Queens of all time.

It is really not difficult to learn this important skill because it simple requires basic smartness and a few other tricks.

It is very important to understand that seduction is not sex as the two are always mistaken to be the same. Seduction is all about a smart woman making a man want her and not necessarily have her.

Art of seducing men
Art of seducing men

So yeah it is true that a lady can seduce a man without even kissing him. Don’t believe it, here are a few tricks that will help you achieve this:

Let your eyes say the most

When it comes to seduction especially on the part of a woman, knowing how to seduce a man with their eyes is a vital skill as regards how she comes across to her man. Men are very active beings so without much stress they identify and code things around them even unconsciously. So having confident eyes that is cut out perfect with no “maybe” thoughts is one evident way of seducing a man and one of the first things that gets him hooked to the lady in front of him.

During a conversation with a man you’re attracted to, nervousness always abounds in such interaction, but it’s always best looking him directly in the eyes while you communicate with him. Take him on a rollercoaster ride of visible emotions based on what He’s saying. You can raise an eyebrow subtly in a funny, playful way to indicate that you don’t believe him, or even wink at him. Keep trying different eye communication methods and see what works.

In a crowded location, you can steadily stare at him till he notices you and starts returning the looks, and then you’ve got him. Look away now and allow him draw into you.

Practice body language

Body language involves a lot of things including positioning of the whole body or a part of the body.

For example when in a discussion if you are leaned in and focused raptly in whatever your man has to say this gives him the sense that you are interested in him rather than crossing your legs virtually away from him and lean backwards, this would only portray nonchalance which is a total turn off for most men.

Without saying much on a first date a lady can throw a man into a wild spin with the way she moves her body to every situation that arises when she’s with her man so body language is of utmost importance.

Work on subtle touch

Simple unnecessary touch on a man’s body at random times for no reason at all whether holding hands or just a brush on the hairs of hands is something every man always appreciate.

As the touch tickles his fancy and mind so would he want more of it and this will keep him wanting you back whenever you are away or thinking about you after your first date with him.

Remember the touch should never be obvious and plain rather let it be careless with an innocent smile on your face, you will definitely leave this man thirsting for you.

Show your brilliance perfectly

When in a conversation with any man he wants to know that you understand things and not just a beauty without brains. Engage him in an intelligent conversation about various matters be it political, religious and even your ordinary belief about different things.

Men love hanging out together with their friends because they have a lot to talk about always so be that friend to man who has a lot to talk about too as regards many things.

This will definitely make him crave for just a moment with you always this time not just because of your body but also because of your brain.

Smiling is an art. Learn it.

Finally, smiling at every turn is something you would want to learn if you want to seduce a man perfectly.

Smiling and showing those teeth always flatters a man more than a lady can imagine so always throwing it at him for whatever he says maybe to compliment you or telling you a funny story makes him go wild in his brain for this particular lady smiling at him.

The truth is even if a man forgets everything about a woman he’d never forget her smile and how that made him feel at every point.With these tricks coupled with your lady’s sass and style, you could wrap up a man around you easily making him think deeply about you and wanting you like you already his girl.

Seduction is perfect and just as the saying goes “All is fair in love and war” you can use it to the max.


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