Office romance are common now as ever, and it had lead to so many people losing their jobs. knowing HOW TO HANDLE OFFICE ROMANCE is one way not get caught up in it .

In this article we have outline ways to perfectly handle romance with your colleagues at work, you don’t want to start a job search because you lost your job because of romantic relationship with your colleague at work.

As tempting as a office romance will be, it has made so many people jobless due to the strictness of most organizations against it. Workplace dating and relationship is always interesting because of the challenges it poses but when maneuvered excellently it is the best with all its drama and risks creating an exhilarating experience for the couples involved. Without being handled good workplace dating can get complicated but following a set of effective steps couples can handle their relationship in the office perfectly and smoothly.

Here are 5 effective ways to handle office romance and enjoy a stress free relationship:

Understand the company’s policy

first things to know on how to handle office romance is basically knowing their company’s rule regarding it. When going into an office relationship, you must bear in mind what the company’s stance is on office romance or dating so as not to put your job in jeopardy. Companies have strict policies when it comes to office romance so understanding this will help the couples maneuver their romantic relationship with their colleague at work.

Draw a line between business and pleasure

It is very important to observe this first rule under this part: Never bring stress from home to work. This is a vital aspect of keeping an office relationship private. As a couple showing your romance whether in the form of a fight or public display of affection makes other workers mostly uncomfortable. So keep your couple’s baggage and cuteness at home when coming to work.

Be very discreet

Keep things quiet when in the workplace or when hanging out with co-workers as this helps keep the romance safe. If other workers start suspecting a romance there is every evidence that the bosses will find out too and you don’t want any situation like this. So be very secretive and keep your business and your love touches to yourselves.

Use the love to your advantage

When in a relationship it can be very helpful as the couple can complement each other as they already have a strong connection outside workplace. This will help in bringing excellence to their work and push attention away from themselves since all focus will be on their good work. This is definitely a positive side of office romance. 

Have a well thought out exit plan

As fun and exciting as office love may be the risks and dangers it portrays can never be over-emphasized, so having an exit plan or a plan B if things go south is not a bad idea at all. This plan can go from having a new workplace in mind in case the available one is no more due to the office romance to having a simple plan of breaking up if the current job is put to risk because of the relationship. Having a good back up plan helps ease the tension of being found out making the relationship easier and more fun for the couple in involved.

Taking these precautionary measures before going into office romance/relationship is very important for couples who want to enjoy the risk and excitement that comes with office love. With these articulated moves couples can enjoy their relationship and have fun even in the office always.

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