dating multiple women

In a world where compatibility is now a vital aspect of a relationship, multiple dating is always a good idea so as to know and understand the opposite sex better and understand who fits in with you and who doesn’t.

Simply knowing how to handle 3 or more individuals without burning yourself out and complicating your life is key because multiple dating without being handled carefully can get easily complicated. Following some simple steps can guarantee to be successful in handling multiple dating.

Here are some necessary steps to follow so as to handle multiple dating successfully: 

1. Be ready to devote your time

Most at times what builds or breaks a relationship is not about the number of people a man is dating rather it’s about communication and investment of time in the relationship. So even if you date one person or you go out with three women so long as you are ready to devote your time and space to them you are assured of a splendid and smooth relationship with them. So this particular point is the basis for having successful multiple relationships with no friction at all.

2. Be open as soon as possible

Make sure to tell them as soon as possible that you are in a relationship that involves others. This goes not to tell them on the first date that you are planning on dating more people as such information will throw her off. You simply have to ease it in as the relationship buds that you are open in the relationship about dating other people and make it clear that even if she wants to do the same it is totally fine with you. Being open as soon as possible eliminates running the risk of someone saying you cheated or calling you a liar.

3. Make sure it’s not just about the sex

Women hate being used just for sex and satisfaction of men’s pleasure especially in this age and era of gender equality. So as you plan on going on multiple dates with different women make sure it’s not just about the sex. Always have more to want from them that don’t just involve sex. You could like her more because she can cook, or because she loves your family too, or because she’s very smart. Just make sure you find something great about all of them that have nothing to do with their physical body which entails sex.   

Using these simple, strong, direct and effective steps you could go out with any number of women and handle them right and still be the real man you are while handling the situation.

And as an added advantage, as you go on multiple dates, it totally helps you understand the opposite sex better and helps you make the right decision as regards building a good home with the right one.   


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